Get Started with
GeoTracker in three easy steps.

Three Easy Steps

Getting started with GeoTracker is an straight forward process and you are able to start to
track and mange your assets in three easy steps

Contact your Advisor

Fill the form below and one of our advisors will contact you to understand your specific needs and requirements.  Based on your needs, we'll ship you the GPS Trackers fully activated and configured.

Account Setup

We have also provisioned and emailed you account login that will get you access to the web app at Download the GeoTracker Apps from the App Store.

GPS Tracker Installation

After you receive the GPS Trackers, simply place each device in the vehicle or the asset that needs to be tracked.   Use the mobile app to associate your vehicle / asset with the specific tracker so you can find and locate it anywhere anytime.


Dealer Lot Management

Manage Vehicle inventory and know the whereabouts of every vehicle in real time at your dealer location or across any location in your dealer family.
  • Close Sales Quickly -  Never lose a sale due to not finding the customer's preferred Vehicle.

Monetize Service Loaner

GeoTracker will enable you to offer a better experience, get insights and enable you to recoup incidental costs for service loaners.
  • Locate Free Vehicle - Quickly find available service loaners and locate them in the lot.
  • Mobile Checkout - GeoTracker mobile app allow you to scan the customers drivers license, insurance details and create a smart contract that the customer can e-sign on the mobile app.
  • Notifications - Receive speed and harsh driving alerts and monitor how the vehicle is being used.
  • Mobile Check-In - When the vehicle is returned, GeoTracker displays the tolls incurred and the miles consumed during the service loaner, so you may recoup these costs.

Ready to start tracking your assets?

We can show you how easily we can have your entire fleet connected and use our web and mobile apps to increase your productivity.

Dealer Flooring Inventory Audits

Reduce the time for time consuming inventory audits from a day to within an hour.
  • GeoFences - Add virtual boundaries to get notified when the vehicle is entering or leaving the designated geofence (coming soon).
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