Get Started with
GeoTracker in three easy steps.

How GeoTracker Works

Getting started with GeoTracker is an straight forward process and you are able to start to
track and mange your assets in three easy steps

GPS Trackers affixed to the asset
or vehicle get the location and
send this data to the cloud.

The Cloud servers process and
analyze the data and associate it with the account.

The user access the web and
mobile apps
to get insights and
take action.

GPS Tracker

GeoTracker leverages the technology from Global Positioning Systems (GPS),  Internet of Things ( IoT), Cloud Computing and Mobile Apps to power and transform your business.

Global Position Systems comprises of a constellation of satellites orbiting the earth at high altitude that transmit signals and allow one to one to determine with high accuracy the location of GPS receivers.

The GeoTracker GPS Tracker inside the vehicle, generates the precise latitude and longitude coordinates from the satellite data.   The GPS Tracker is offered in multiple configurations to suit your specific needs and requirements.   At a minimum it will record the speed, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, trip information and other relevant details.

The GeoTracker device uses the cellular connectivity and the mobile networks to connect to data cloud servers to periodically send the location data to our cloud servers.  In order for the process to work flawlessly,  the GPS Tracker must have clear line of sight to the GPS satellites for best performance.   In situations where there is a a lack of cellular coverage, the device will be able to be store the telemetry and location data and upload to the server when there is coverage.

Cloud Computing

The raw telemetry data from the GeoTracker GPS Tracker is sent to
the Cloud servers.   The IoT platform ingests, stores and processes
this raw data.

The Apps

The end user experience is key to ensuring you have all the insights and allow you to take key decisions to accelerate your business.   The real time telemetry data sent from the vehicle is  served up on maps showing the fleet locations, dashboards, intuitive and contextual search so you can hone in on the specific vehicle, real time alerts, etc.

The GeoTracker Apps are accessible using any desktop, tablet or smartphone that is connected to the internet so you are always connected to your assets wherever you go.

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