Fleet Management

GeoTracker is a fully managed out-of-the-box app that enables you to easily connect, track and monitor your assets.

Robust and Reliable GPS Fleet Management Software

GeoTracker brings together a cost effective and fully featured Fleet Managment solution that will increase your productivity and optimize your operations.

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GeoTracker's Asset Tracking Solution is Comprised of the Following:

GPS Trackers

Our long battery powered GPS Trackers are attached to any of your trackable assets.

Platform + Connectivity

Trackers periodically report location to the GeoTracker cloud platform using a variety of location technologies - including GPS, WiFi, Cell-Id, BLE.

Applications + APIs

By simply logging into GeoTracker, you can monitor your assets anywhere, anytime. Integrate with our APIs to your back-end systems.


Trip History
Satellite View

Real-Time Location Tracking

GeoTracker makes it easy for you to check and monitor the location of your assets from anywhere.

Full Transport History

Follow asset transit and previous locations.

Notifications and Alerts

Receive emails and text messages any time issues are detected.

Inventory Management

View all your assets at a glance.

Alternative Map View

Toggle between satellite and road view on the map.

Management Features

Our platform offers a diverse portfolio of simple plug-and-play OBD connected , hard-wired tracking devices as well as battery powered GPS Tracking devices to meet a wide variety of use cases and needs.

Global Connectivity

Comprehensive range of IoT devices with global Cellular (LTE-M / NB-IoT, 2G), LoRaWAN®,  and Satellite connecectivity to address your specific needs and use cases.

Outdoor or Indoor Location

GeoTracker's diverse portfolio of devices offers both outdoor location using high precision GPS and Indoor Location using your exising WiFi network.

Easy Installation

Multiple installation options including plug-and-play OBD2 devices, hardwired GPS Trackers, or battery powered GPS Trackers that can be attached to any asset using magnets, bolts and cables.

Geofencing Alerts

Create custom virtual boundaries / geofences on GeoTracker and get notified when an asset enters or leaves specific locations.

Theft Recovery

In case of theft or loss the real-time tracking mode will give you the precide real time loction so you are able to recover the vehicle.

Preventative Maintenance

Set reminders based on distance traveled and run hours to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Driver Safety & Behavior

Monitor speeding, harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, and more to improve safety and prevent unnecessary wear on vehicles.

Inputs / Outputs

Capabilities include Analaog and Digital Inputs or Outputs to fit any fleet vehicle monitoring applications specialized needs.

Remote Immobilization

Digital outputs can be connected to a relay to enable of vehicles and equipment in the case of theft, abuse or unauthorized usage.

Back-up Battery

Some of our wired fleet management devices feature high-capacity backup batteries in case of loss of power or tampering.

Run Hour Monitoring

Calculate run hours and distance traveled (odometer) to understand and optimize vehicle and equipment utilization.

Tamper Alerts

Configure instant alerts if the device is removed from your asset or disconnected from its power source.

Tracker Benefits

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Yabby Edge Cellular

Ultra-rugged and compact Indoor/Outdoor battery-powered asset tracker. Features cloud-based location solving for over 10 years of battery life. GNSS (GPS/BeiDou), Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning, and Cell Tower location for indoor/outdoor asset management
$ 109.99 USD

Oyster Edge

The Oyster Edge is an ultra-rugged, Indoor/Outdoor battery-powered asset tracking device and Bluetooth® Gateway. It features cloud-based location solving for 10+ years of battery life.
$ 99.99 USD


Next-generation of our best-selling Oyster series – Ultra-rugged GPS asset tracking device featuring 10+ years battery (5x battery life of Oyster2)
$ 129.00 USD

Yabby 3 GPS

Compact and ultra-rugged battery-powered GPS asset tracker featuring 10+ years battery life
$ 109.00 USD

Bolt 2 OBD

Plug-and-play OBDII GPS tracking device with backup battery for real-time vehicle and fleet management
$ 99.99 USD


Ultra-rugged, long-life battery-powered GPS tracking device with up to 7 years battery life for long-term asset tracking, theft recovery, and more.
$ 99.00 USD